Waste Water Treatment


TECHRO is one of the fastest emerging Engineering Company in the field of Water and Waste Water treatment. Total water management starts from pretreatment ,process to separate water and waste from the waste water, post treatment , water recycle and recovered byproduct for reuse again for process. The complete water management is instrumental in client's satisfaction to meet the environmental concern, also by ensuring Zero discharge on water management.

Our water and waste water Engineering completely focused on making a Quality systems and solutions by understanding of requirement and related parameters

We design and supply Water/Waste water systems on turnkey basis with standard combinations of products and accessories with superior quality.

We install our water /waste water treatment systems best suited for site conditions, simple in operations and easy in maintenance.

The company doesn’t stops on treatment alone also ensures the supply of treated water to the desired point of use for the various process and demand as per the requirement for the utility. By doing this, our responsibility involves and extends in offering the pumps and Hydropnuematic or pressure boosting system products to pump the water. Moreover beyond treatment and distribution we ensure the total routing, laying, fixing and installation of pipeline, with necessary fittings and valves.

Features of Techro Water Products & Services

Suitable range of products and systems for all kinds Industrial and residential projects

* Superior reliability and availability

* Produces high quality processed water

* Optimal selection of Treatment Equipments and products

* Optimal energy recovery design

* Compact plant design for a reduced,initial investment

* Cost effective solutions with reduced, energy consumption

* Rapid delivery and installation

* Modular, easily expandable design

* Simple operation and easy maintenance